Frequently Asked Questions

Are custom plans available?

Absolutely! In fact, almost every plan is customized to some degree during the on-boarding phase. Your needs are different than other business, so it makes sense to tailor our approach to you.

I already have an IT guy. Does this replace him?

Not necessarily. Generally, our clients are seeking better results from their technology in a more efficient and measurable manner. If your business requires the presence of an IT person at all times, so be it. Our plans allow us the flexibility to create the right strategy for your company’s long term success.

Are there additional or hidden costs?

Nope. A key responsibility of our team is to work within the monthly budget and advise you on what we can and can’t do. If you desire something bigger than the monthly allowance, we’ll let you know and scope it separately before any work gets done.

Are we locked into a long-term contract?

We offer a 90-day trial period with a 30-day cancellation notice to help you ensure you’ve made the right decision. After that we move to a standard agreement that provides a 90-day cancellation if you’re unhappy with the service.


What if we already have an outsourced IT company?

This isn’t traditional IT outsourcing. This is business infrastructure management. When you partner with Agapetec you get an entire IT division that knows how to achieve goals and measure the results. You’ll be able to focus on business strategy instead of the day-to-day obstacles.